Maho Beach on St. Martin is probably the most famous beach in the entire Caribbean. It’s a great place to snap some truly spectacular photos. Here are just a few of the more recent photos visitors to Maho Beach have uploaded to Instagram. Maho Beach is located at the end of the runway of Princess

Is St Martin a Country?

“Is St Martin a Country?” is one of the most frequent questions we receive on our contact form. The answer is, of course, “not exactly.” The island of St. Martin is not a country. It’s actually made up of two territories, known as “the Dutch side” and “the French side. Sint Maarten is a Country…

Experiencing Mardi Gras In St. Martin

From January until April the village of Grand Case (our beautiful host community) hosts its own Mardis Gras, a festival that blends food, music, local crafts and plenty of dancing. Experiencing Mardi Gras in St. Martin should not be missed. Who’s coming for the carnaval tomorrow?!! 💃 #tuesdaygrandcase #carnaval #feather #prettywomen #saintmartin #sxm #grandcase #ocean82

Poker fans will be excited to learn a World Series of Poker Circuit Tournaments (WSOPC) event takes place at Casino Royale in St Maarten, November 3-16, 2016. This is part of a larger tour with eight tournaments, nine ring events, and a guaranteed prize pool of the main event is $250,000. This is the biggest poker

Meet one transplant who loved Grand Case so much he decided to live here full-time. “We think Grand Case is the best town on St. Martin,” says Mark Yokoyama. “Grand Case is the only old town on the island of St. Martin that still has its character intact.” Mark Yokoyama is a fixture in the village

How to Move to St. Martin (SXM)

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A second honeymoon sounds magical: who doesn’t wish they had more time to connect with their husband or wife? Married life is busy, and the days and years slip by as we focus on work, children and paying the bills. While many families take vacations, the sheer effort involved in planning and making the trip,

An Introduction to Real Estate Ownership on Saint Martin, a Small Beautiful Island in the Caribbean  Perhaps the best beach town in the Caribbean, Grand Case is a classic French fishing village on Saint Martin. Our village is located right along Grand Case Beach. This side of the island is sheltered from the trade winds. So, from

Grand Case on St. Martin is often called the “culinary capital of the Caribbean.” Besides delicious Creole food, our status as an overseas territory of France means of course, excellent French cuisine. There are amazing little wine cellars hidden all over Grand Case. To help you enjoy your explorations we have created this introduction to

They say the best souvenirs are the ones you can’t take home with you. Besides the scent of the tropical flowers, birdsong is one intangible “amenity” of our little resort in the Caribbean. Birds of Saint Martin provide special memories of your trip. This (above) is the nest of little yellow sugarbirds (bananaquits) and their nests

Saint Martin is often called the “culinary capital of the Caribbean.” From fish kebabs to barbeque and sushi, there is something for every taste on our island. #SXM #StMaarten Phillipsburg DutchSide #Shopping — JACKY LUNA (@JACKYYLUNA) May 26, 2012 Phillipsburg, on the Dutch side, is the only true city on the island. The town caters

As November is upon us, the winter vacation season is just around the corner. As the temperature grows ever-cooler and the days shorter and darker, everyone is dreaming of an escape to someplace warmer where snow is an entirely foreign concept. To give you some ideas about where to plan your trip anywhere in the world

Maho Beach is probably the most famous beach on the island of St. Martin, if  not in the entire Caribbean. Why? Maho Beach is located at the end of the runway of Princess Juliana International Airport (SMX), the main airport on the island. Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) is located close to the beach. At only

St. Martin Home: Island Home of More Than 200 Restaurants Dining is one of the main attractions of visiting St. Martin. There are more than two hundred restaurants on our island. The French side of the island in particular is called the “gourmet capital of the Caribbean,” and in Marigot and Grand Case  you can

You may have first learned about our beautiful island when stopping here on a cruise. If you are thinking of planning a vacation on SXM we have answered the “Top 10 FAQ’s About St. Martin.” FAQ’s About St. Martin About Grand Case Beach Club Spanning across two stunning beaches, Grand Case Beach Club is one

The waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean that surround Saint Martin are rich in fish. In fact, just offshore St. Martin there is a stretch of deep sea called Marlin Alley, which is known for being the home of the largest blue marlin on the planet. Download a map of St. Martin

Wreck Dives and an Abundance of Scuba Spots Make Diving in St. Martin Hard to Beat The brilliant blue Caribbean waters around Saint Martin teem with life. Vibrantly colored fish, rays, turtles and other organisms are all sustained by a wide range of underwater habitat that includes seaweed beds, coral reefs, and marine plants. Saint

Saint Martin is a relatively little-known destination hidden in the Caribbean. Everyone who comes for a visit falls in love and wants to come back. Indeed, St. Martin has just been named as a must-visit island by Caribbean Journal. Divided between a “French side” (St. Martin) and a “Dutch side” (Sint Maarten) our island is

  St. Martin in the Caribbean the perfect place to plan beach weddings. This charming island, split between the exotic “Dutch side” and more intimate, slower-paced “French side” is favorite location for honeymoons, vow renewals, family reunions, birthdays and other special events. We have created this blog post as a guide to help you plan

  Some St. Martin news, hot off the presses! The esteemed Caribbean Journal has named Saint Martin as the top Caribbean getaway (they even used a photo of Grace Bay Beach above for the article). We could not agree more, The island of St.Martin/Maarten is a fabulous choice, and GCBC is a great place to

The trip from the dock at Cul de Sac to Pinel Island is just a two-minute crossing, and it’s a great way to discover a small island full of charm (learn more about island hopping near St. Martin here) Pinel Island is located in the Natural Reserve of Saint-Martin , and a marine trail was

Eating Seafood on St. Martin

Anyone who has been to St. Martin will be familiar with the wonderfully tasty spiny l0bster that is so hard to get back home. The lobster in the Caribbean is different than the ones commonly found in New England and Atlantic Canada. The large claws of their northern cousins are absent, and the lobsters of

Diving Man of War Shoal Marine Park

Man of War Shoal National Marine Park covers 3,100 hectares of ocean floor off the southern shore of St. Maarten. The park protects a range of habitats from globally threatened coral reefs and seagrass beds to open water. Studies done by the St. Maarten Nature Foundation indicates that biodiversity in the park area, particularly coral reef

The aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo at our resort was superficial, although internet is a little spotty – we expect to be back to normal within a few days. We never closed, no harm to any guests or staff…even the cats weathered everything in style! Some people on St. Martin were more effected than we, and

The Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

While the French side of our lovely island in the Caribbean may be blessed with delicious wines, iconic baguettes and other hallmarks Gallic cuisine, Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of the island also offers a fantastic variety of flavors and tastes. Culinary Capital of the Caribbean Indeed, Sint Maarten is often called the “culinary capital

Get up-to-date SXM flight information here. St. Martin (aka Sint Maarten, or SXM for short) is regarded as a prime destination by most of the world’s major airlines, which makes planning a flight to St. Martin simple and convenient. While stunning and world-famous Juliana International (SXM) is the largest airport on the island, Grand Case Airport (CCE)

Iggy on duty! Waiting for fruit and veggie handouts, one of Grand Case Beach Club’s resident iguanas strikes a pose on the wall by the beach below the Sunset Cafe: Have you seen our iguanas? You can’t miss them. With their electric-green color (older iguanas like Iggy above tend to have more subdued hues), these

Fish and Seafood on St. Martin

The seafood on St. Martin should not be missed. Grand Case was, and still is a fishing village. Bamboo and wire are fashioned into fish pots, or traps that are put out to collect the bounty of the sea that surrounds us. Some of the harvest ends up on the tables of the many fine

Birds of St. Martin

  While we undertake our renovations from mid-August till mid-November, some of our other residents take on the work as needed! This (above) is the nest of little yellow sugarbirds (bananaquits) and their nests are found throughout the property. We are blessed with a variety of birds here on our little island in the Ca.

Photo credit: Uxbona   Calm, protected waters, with hidden coves and shallow reefs make St. Martin (or Sint Maarten, to our friends on the Dutch side of the island) a paradise for snorkelers. Here are some top spots. Réserve Sous-Marine Régionale Réserve Sous-Marine Régionaleis an underwater nature reserve on our “French side” of the island.

A recent SXM forum discusses whether or not passports are required to drive on the “French side” (i.e., our side) of St. Martin: Are the Gendarmes (the police) are now asking for passports at traffic stops, first I’ve heard of this. I guess foreign nationals in any country are probably expected to have proof citizenship

The Sunset Café is one of only two St. Martin restaurants to earn the coveted Maître Restauranteur designation, a milestone in placing the restaurant among the island’s best. Besides quality and presentation, a restaurant must open its kitchen to an outside inspection. Kudos to Alexandre and Chantal, who have worked so hard to make the restaurant a

Yes, Yes and Yes! GCBC made USA Today’s list of TOP spots to watch the sunset! Fox News, Expedia and Apple Vacations all recognized the Grand Case Beach Club for its outstanding service, hospitality and its pristine condition. For the second year running, Fox News named the Grand Case Beach Club as one of the

Getting Married On St. Martin

Thanks to our perch above the Caribbean sea, looking west towards the neighboring island of Anguilla and fantastic and romatic tropical sunsets, Grand Case Beach Club has developed a word-of-mouth reputation for intimate weddings. Getting married at Grand Case Beach Club  not only marks the start of a couple’s life together, but also a lifelong

Grand Case Beach Club’s very own Sunset Café is best know for its food (particularly the mussels served with French fries), but the staff serves up some pretty fine cocktails, too. Today we’re going to introduce the Mojito. Made the traditional way, this Cuban cocktail consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane

Image courtesy Les Fruits de Mer Our very own Les Fruits de Mer (a non-profit French association based in Grand Case, Saint Martin) will host its first event of the year, an ecotourism-themed SnorkelFest this coming weekend. SnorkelFest is a free, public Wildlife Discovery Event created by Les Fruits de Mer, where St. Martin residents and

Over 200 people attended the first annual Birds and Bugs event organized by by Les Fruits de Mer and Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) in early December at Loterie Farm. Loterie Farm is a popular ecotourism attraction nestled on a forested hillside quite close to Grand Case Beach Club. Les Fruits de Mer is a non-profit

Contemporary Art exhibition From November 22nd until January 24th, Ms. Florence Poirier-Nkpa of HeadMade Factory will exhibit her work at the Tourism Office. The theme of this exhibition will be: “Et… Soudain… L’instant d’après”… “AND SUDDENLY A moment later” Event details (French) Miss Caraïbes Hibiscus 2013 This is one of most popular beauty pageants in the

What’s your favourite restaurant or lounge around Grand Case? Here are 3 places we think visitors to St. Martin will really like (Bonus: scroll down for a cocktail recipe). Ocean82 Located right on the water in Grand Case, Ocean82 is open for lunch and dinner, and features a mixture of Caribbean and French cuisine. Oysters

Our beautiful island of St. Martin is famed for its French, Dutch and Caribbean cuisine, but one souvenir tourists can take home with them is our delicious Sint Maarten Guavaberry rum. Guavaberry is the legendary Island Folk Liqueur of old Sint Maarten. It is made from local guavaberries in Historical Philipsburg at the landmark Guavaberry Emporium.

Emancipation Day, aka “August Monday”, is one of the biggest events to be held in the Caribbean, especially on the island of Anguilla, just a short trip by boat from St. Martin. Based around the celebration of Emancipation, the August carnival on Anguilla is an energetic two-week succession of parades, shows and parties, kick-started by

Do I need Euros for St. Martin?

Because we have a French side and a Dutch side (Sint Maarten), our island is an interesting place, but it can be confusing for visitors, with questions like “do I need Euros for St. Martin?” being one of our most common FAQ’s. So, we thought we might provide some answers (see here for other common

Since its start in 1997, the St. Martin Billfish tournament as become an established stop on the Caribbean fishing circuit. The 2013 tournament has just ended, with some fantastic results. The tournament operates according to the following rules: The minimum length of a participating Boat is 24 Feet The minimum crew on board is two

If you’re looking for a good travel blog to learn about sustainable tourism or even what wine to pair with a scuba diving trip to Iceland, you can do no better than Jdomb’s Travels. Husband and wife travel blogging team Tim and Jennifer have visited and written about 43 different countries (all while holding down full-time

Caribbean food blogs to follow

  The Caribbean is a rich, diverse region that feature many cultures and many types of cuisine. Here are a few of our favorite recipes by Caribbean food bloggers. Tim Collins did something special: one day he decided to move to the Caribbean, founded a Caribbean Trading Company and recruited a great crew that

Welcome to the spring 2013 edition of Sand Notes, the Grand Case Beach Club newsletter. This month we have news about a new look for Grand Case Beach Club hotel: Two new patios on the hill overlooking the ocean and Grand Case Village Improvements to our website: And new flooring and electrical We also have

  1. Check out Orleans, The French Quarter Orleans, known locally as the French Quarter, is situated on the eastern shore of our beautiful island just north of the St.Maarten-St. Martin border. Orleans was the original French settlement and some original seventeenth-century heritage buildings remain. This part of the island is not as developed, so

Great Saba scuba guide

For some visitors to St. Martin, scuba diving on Saba is a must-do trip. Saba, a small volcanic island to the southeast of St. Martin, is a Dutch territory (it is actually the highest point in the kingdom of the Netherlands) and is famous for its teeming marine life. Three ferry services provide transport to Saba’s

Great St. Martin Photos

We love our island here, and always want to show it off to the rest of the world (in hopes you will come visit us). We’re lucky in this day and age that anyone and everyone can post St. Martin photos. Here are some of our favorites: Where to Next? The fabulous Where to Next

While Grand Case has our own L’Espérance Airport, a December 2012 social media poll puts St. Juliana International Airport (SXM) has been recognized as the top airport in the world thanks to its stunning landing. Our chief piece of St. Martin airport information: nowhere else in the world can you get so close to the

Submarine tours in St. Martin

Our friends at local St. Martin blog Les Fruit de Mer (profiled recently on the GCBC blog) did a nice write-up recently about Stanley Submarines, a unique adventure tourism outfit. While Roatan lies off the coast of Honduras, about 2000 kilometers west of St. Martin (quite some distance, and we’re not sure how you would get

For anyone interested walking and hiking around St.  Martin, there’s a book your should be aware of: The Incomplete Guide to Wildlife of St. Martin (a new edition is in the works – stay tuned!) Based on the hard work of St. Martin resident Mark Yokoyama, the book does a great job According to his bio, Mark

We all associate the Mardi Gras with carnival season, but what is it, and where does this tradition come from?  Already hooked and don’t need an explanation and just want to attend? Contact our St. Martin resort! But, for those of you wondering… Mardis Gras refers to the carnival season that begins after Epiphany – Epiphany is

This post was written by Stephen Wright, general manager of GCBC, who raised his family on the island. Do you have an island story to tell about our hotel on St. Martin? Let us know! When we first came to St Martin in the late ‘90s, I remember being in awe of the little white and

Grand Case Beach Club (our resort on St. Martin) has been recognized by TripAdvisor for excellence, and has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for 2012! ! Just 10 percent of accommodations listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award. By achieving a rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5, this ranks us with some of the

Our guests often ask us about St. Martin restaurants. Here are a few to try out.   Mr. Busby’s Easily found on the east side of St. Maarten at Dawn Beach, this is a beachside restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch daily to travelers looking for something a little different. The menu offers simple fare,

St. Martin in the West Indies is a vacationer’s paradise with white sandy beaches, world-class restaurants and a number of island activities and cultural events. If this is your first trip to the island, we realize you may have some questions.     Do I need a visa to visit St. Martin? It’s always good

SUP on St. Martin

Stand Up Paddling Boarding (SUP) has become quite popular around the world, including in the Caribbean and beautiful St. Martin. The sport involves taking a long surfboard, combining it with a two-bladed paddle, and a lot of human power. SUP is said to originate from the surfing culture of Hawaii, where surfers were always trying

Tropical storm Isaac in St. Martin

We’re happy to report that there has been no damage from Tropical Storm Isaac in St. Martin. Tropical Storm Isaac has now passed to our south by more than 120 miles. We are happy to say that we suffered no damage at all and are having lifting skies and blustery winds. We want to wish good

Our little resort in St. Martin recently received some wonderful coverage from Melanie Reffes’ excellent Romancing the World blog on luvtrip, a popular website devoted to romantic travel destinations. Romance is Grand at the Grand Case Beach Club highlights all the little things that make GCBC a great destination for people looking for a Caribbean wedding or

Casinos on St. Martin

For many people, a trip to St. Martin often includes planning a visit to a casino. There are quite a few casinos on both the French (GCBC) and Dutch sides of the island. Adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport, Maho village is a one-of-a-kind mini-Vegas of the Caribbean, with all the sequins and glitter, lights and music, nightclubs

We’ve talked a little bit about restaurants in St. Martin, notably the classic Lolo roadside eatery that represents the very best about the Caribbean’s refined food culture. We’ve also discussed in passing the fabulous French cuisine that can be sampled at various cafes and bistros on our side of the island (St. Martin), and if

Diving in St. Martin

This week we asked our friends over at Octopus Diving for some tips about diving in St. Martin, and Sally was happy to oblige. Says Sally: Water temperature varies from about 78 F during the coldest month, to about 85 F in the warmest months. This means that a full length 3 mm suit is recommended

With its little islands, mangroves and beautiful Simpson Bay Lagoon, St. Martin offers a lot of opportunities for kayaking. Kayaking on St. Martin provides an excellent way to explore the natural natural ecosystems of the island and get as close to nature as possible. Popular St. Martin kayaking routes typically include Pinel Island and Green Cay,

Hotel deals on St. Martin

Grand Case Beach Club is offering couple of great hotel deals on St. Martin until the end of the year: 5th Night Free 5th Night Free IS valid for stays started and completed between June 1 – December 22, 2012 (Excluding November 21 – 25, 2012) Valid on all categories – No Booking Window  

Boating in St. Martin

Since we’re on an island in the middle of the sparkling Caribbean sea, boating plays a strong role in local culture. Neighboring islands are close by; some are inhabited and provide an insight into an entirely different culture, while more remote islands are a tropical playground, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions. Here are

One of the great things about planning a Caribbean vacation at the Grand Case Beach Club in St. Martin is you have complete freedom about how to plan your meals. Eat authentic Caribbean cuisine within walking distance from our hotel at fantastic restaurants blending local and French sensibilities, as well as wonderful and unique lolos

The French West Indies territory of St. Martin has developed a strong reputation for good food, friendly people, beautiful beaches, and a wonderful blend of European and Caribbean culture, but everyone agrees that if you want to experience diving in St. Martin, check out nearby Saba. Saba itself, like St. Martin’s neighbor Sint Maarten, is

Whenever we talk about restaurants in St. Martin and its lovely Dutch neighbor St. Maarten, we should never forget the ubiquitous Lolo, a Caribbean culinary tradition that epitomizes the heart and soul of this lovely Antilles island. “Lolo” is the local nickname for the dozens of small, independent eateries, sometimes right on the beach or side of

Thanks to recent changes, anyone at all can get married in St. Martin, French West Indies (in the past, only residents of St. Martin itself or of mainland France could get married on the island). And St. Martin is just about the perfect place to get married: close to Florida, with direct flights to most

More things to do on St. Martin

If you’re looking for more things to do on St. Martin, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone knows about the great swimming, sailing, fishing, watersports, fine dining, and shopping, but if you’re looking for slower-paced activities, or things to do with family on St. Martin, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Loterie

If you’re looking for activities in Saint Martin following the splendid Christmas and New Years holidays, but are afraid January is a dead zone – never fear! Mardi Gras is here! From January until April the village of Grand Case (our beautiful host community) hosts its own Mardis Gras, a festival that blends food, music

Planning your next St. Martin Vacation

Winter is growing chilly and snowy, and school holidays have begun – it’s time to escape from icy northern weather and enjoy a warm St. Martin vacation. The weather averages a balmy 25 degrees. The ocean is a beautiful turquoise colour. The sand is white – kind of like snow! Have you made your reservation

So, you’ve decided on a St. Martin vacation – but what to do? This small overseas French collectivity offers a great mix of Caribbean and European culture. If you’re looking for the old Caribbean, you can find it here, while enjoying a taste of French life. So, here are the top 5 things to do

About Grand Case, St. Martin

Grand Case, St. Martin is a French overseas territory in the Caribbean that is fast becoming known as a sophisticated resort destination that’s off the beaten track. Located on Saint Martin, one of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, Saint Martin offers a variety of hotel options. Saint Martin, a relatively little-known destination, has

More about Grand Case Beach Club

For an intimate Caribbean resort suited for both couples and families, the Grand Case Beach Club, St. Martin, in the French West Indies may be worth searching out. The resort’s secluded location bills itself as a private, serene oasis where the only noise is sound of the breeze through the coconut palms, and lapping of the waves of 2016 2015
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