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10 Tips for Planning Your Second Honeymoon

A second honeymoon sounds magical: who doesn’t wish they had more time to connect with their husband or wife? Married life is busy, and the days and years slip by as we focus on work, children and paying the bills.

While many families take vacations, the sheer effort involved in planning and making the trip, often with children or relatives, can be exhausting.

A second honeymoon is different. For one thing, it’s aimed entirely at rejuvenating your marriage.

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10 Tips for Reinventing Your Domestic Routine With a Second Honeymoon

After being married for a length of time, most couples find their daily domestic routine getting the better of their love life.

So a second honeymoon only to gives you a much-needed break from the daily grind, but also to helps put the the romance back into your marriage.

So here 10 tips to help you plan a second honeymoon.


1) Plan your second honeymoon together

This is the most important part of any second honeymoon. Just as marriage is someone you share and participate in together, so is planning a second honeymoon—half the fun comes from doing something (in this case the planning the honeymoon) together.

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2) Make sure you agree on where you would want to stay

Make sure you can both decide on the kind of place where you want to stay during your second honeymoon.

If you are looking for some quiet time with each other, an isolated villa or even a private island resort may what you’re looking for.

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However, if you both enjoy nightlife or other entertainment opportunities, it’s probably best to investigate staying in a more centrally located resort.

3) Plan ahead

Try to have some idea of what each of you wants to do on your second honeymoon.

For example, you might just want to relax on the beach while reading a book. Or, perhaps your spouse wants to explore the historical and cultural attractions of wherever you’re visiting.

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If you and your spouse have wildly different interests, you might even consider dividing up the activities on separate days.

Set aside a couple of days aside for sight-seeing, while on the other days make sure you have built in time for lazing around in the hotel spa.

4) Remember how long it takes to get there

Remember to plan your honeymoon according to how much time you actually have—some of the most romantic and exotic travel destinations are located in very remote places.

So, a decision needs to be made: do you want spend more time at the vacation destination, or are you comfortable with a longer travelling time?

Flying to St. Martin

If you are going to a far spot or remote location, remember that you’ll likely be embarking on a long journey. When you arrive you might get too tired to enjoy the experience properly.

On the other hand, the spectacular scenery and unique culture of a new place may be just the very thing you want to experience together on a second honeymoon.

5) Plan at least one exciting adventure

Remember how it was all those years ago, when you first met, when even going out for a boat ride together meant an adventure?

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Inject excitement back in your marriage by trying out something new and exciting together. Go bungee jumping. Or ski down a slope together. Scuba dive with sharks.

But whatever you do plan on having an adventure on your second honeymoon.

6) Don’t have too many expectations

While a second honeymoon is an ideal way to reconnect with your spouse, don’t expect the experience to erase away all of the problems in your relationship.

Instead, regard the second honeymoon as a foundation for building more trust, love and understanding.

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Also, make sure to bring along your sense of humor. Don’t get discouraged or frustrated if things refuse to work out according to plan.

Even the best laid out travel plans have a way of going sideways. Consider the unexpected experiences as part of the adventure that is marriage.

7) Don’t overschedule your trip

Remember why you have decided to go for a second honeymoon in the first place – it is because you wanted to relax with each other, without being dictated to by the clock.


Packing in too many things to do and see will leave you both exhausted and distracted. Keep the honeymoon relaxing, so that you are free to do what you want and where you want to do it.

8) Give some space to each other

Make sure that each of you gets to do something you really want to on the trip.

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Allow for individual interests–while one person may want to devote a sunny afternoon to golf, their spouse want to explore the local antique stores.

Giving some space to each other will bring you back together with greater tenderness than before.

9) Pack in a surprise gift


Everyone loves a surprise gift. Pick something intimate, or at least romantic.

10) Leave the kids behind

Make proper arrangements for the kids to be taken care of, while you both are out on your second honeymoon. They could stay with their grandparents or other close relatives.

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While of course phone calls are okay, don’t obsess too much about your kids while on your second honeymoon.

Worrying too much, or calling them up too frequently will spoil the atmosphere of what should be a relaxing, romantic and rejuvenating time away. Remember, this is a time only for the two of you.

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