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How to Move to St. Martin (SXM)

Worried about the Brexit? Is Donald Trump’s candidacy giving you the jitters? Are you looking for a place to simply escape? If you are, you’re not alone. Following the Brexit on June 26, internet searches for “how to move to Canada” skyrocketed. Brits are frantically trying to figure out how to move to Canada

A second honeymoon sounds magical: who doesn’t wish they had more time to connect with their husband or wife? Married life is busy, and the days and years slip by as we focus on work, children and paying the bills. While many families take vacations, the sheer effort involved in planning and making the trip,

An Introduction to Real Estate Ownership on Saint Martin, a Small Beautiful Island in the Caribbean  Perhaps the best beach town in the Caribbean, Grand Case is a classic French fishing village on Saint Martin. Our village is located right along Grand Case Beach. This side of the island is sheltered from the trade winds. So, from

Five Beach Towns to Retire to

Grand Case, St. Martin Perhaps the best beach town in the Caribbean, this is a classic French fishing village with a view toward Anguilla. It’s also never boring, with a mix of mostly French expatriates and locals, and, most importantly, the best collection of high-end restaurants in the Caribbean. This is an always-exciting town with

Grand Case on St. Martin is often called the “culinary capital of the Caribbean.” Besides delicious Creole food, our status as an overseas territory of France means of course, excellent French cuisine. There are amazing little wine cellars hidden all over Grand Case. To help you enjoy your explorations we have created this introduction to

Saint Martin is often called the “culinary capital of the Caribbean.” From fish kebabs to barbeque and sushi, there is something for every taste on our island. #SXM #StMaarten Phillipsburg DutchSide #Shopping — JACKY LUNA (@JACKYYLUNA) May 26, 2012 Phillipsburg, on the Dutch side, is the only true city on the island. The town caters

You may have first learned about our beautiful island when stopping here on a cruise. If you are thinking of planning a vacation on SXM we have answered the “Top 10 FAQ’s About St. Martin.” FAQ’s About St. Martin About Grand Case Beach Club Spanning across two stunning beaches, Grand Case Beach Club is one

  St. Martin in the Caribbean the perfect place to plan beach weddings. This charming island, split between the exotic “Dutch side” and more intimate, slower-paced “French side” is favorite location for honeymoons, vow renewals, family reunions, birthdays and other special events. We have created this blog post as a guide to help you plan

The aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo at our resort was superficial, although internet is a little spotty – we expect to be back to normal within a few days. We never closed, no harm to any guests or staff…even the cats weathered everything in style! Some people on St. Martin were more effected than we, and

Travel: Grand Case Beach Club

Located on an island that is only 37 square miles, the Grand Case Beach Club is one of our favorite places to chill out and relax. Read full article by Margaret Word Burnside and Aaron R. Fodiman, with photographs by Noraa, by clicking on the .pdf link below.

Get up-to-date SXM flight information here. St. Martin (aka Sint Maarten, or SXM for short) is regarded as a prime destination by most of the world’s major airlines, which makes planning a flight to St. Martin simple and convenient. While stunning and world-famous Juliana International (SXM) is the largest airport on the island, Grand Case Airport (CCE)

Iggy on duty! Waiting for fruit and veggie handouts, one of Grand Case Beach Club’s resident iguanas strikes a pose on the wall by the beach below the Sunset Cafe: Have you seen our iguanas? You can’t miss them. With their electric-green color (older iguanas like Iggy above tend to have more subdued hues), these

A recent SXM forum discusses whether or not passports are required to drive on the “French side” (i.e., our side) of St. Martin: Are the Gendarmes (the police) are now asking for passports at traffic stops, first I’ve heard of this. I guess foreign nationals in any country are probably expected to have proof citizenship

Image courtesy Les Fruits de Mer Our very own Les Fruits de Mer (a non-profit French association based in Grand Case, Saint Martin) will host its first event of the year, an ecotourism-themed SnorkelFest this coming weekend. SnorkelFest is a free, public Wildlife Discovery Event created by Les Fruits de Mer, where St. Martin residents and

Contemporary Art exhibition From November 22nd until January 24th, Ms. Florence Poirier-Nkpa of HeadMade Factory will exhibit her work at the Tourism Office. The theme of this exhibition will be: “Et… Soudain… L’instant d’après”… “AND SUDDENLY A moment later” Event details (French) Miss Caraïbes Hibiscus 2013 This is one of most popular beauty pageants in the

Emancipation Day, aka “August Monday”, is one of the biggest events to be held in the Caribbean, especially on the island of Anguilla, just a short trip by boat from St. Martin. Based around the celebration of Emancipation, the August carnival on Anguilla is an energetic two-week succession of parades, shows and parties, kick-started by

Do I need Euros for St. Martin?

Because we have a French side and a Dutch side (Sint Maarten), our island is an interesting place, but it can be confusing for visitors, with questions like “do I need Euros for St. Martin?” being one of our most common FAQ’s. So, we thought we might provide some answers (see here for other common

Since its start in 1997, the St. Martin Billfish tournament as become an established stop on the Caribbean fishing circuit. The 2013 tournament has just ended, with some fantastic results. The tournament operates according to the following rules: The minimum length of a participating Boat is 24 Feet The minimum crew on board is two

If you’re looking for a good travel blog to learn about sustainable tourism or even what wine to pair with a scuba diving trip to Iceland, you can do no better than Jdomb’s Travels. Husband and wife travel blogging team Tim and Jennifer have visited and written about 43 different countries (all while holding down full-time

Caribbean food blogs to follow

  The Caribbean is a rich, diverse region that feature many cultures and many types of cuisine. Here are a few of our favorite recipes by Caribbean food bloggers. Tim Collins did something special: one day he decided to move to the Caribbean, founded a Caribbean Trading Company and recruited a great crew that

Great St. Martin Photos

We love our island here, and always want to show it off to the rest of the world (in hopes you will come visit us). We’re lucky in this day and age that anyone and everyone can post St. Martin photos. Here are some of our favorites: Where to Next? The fabulous Where to Next

While Grand Case has our own L’Espérance Airport, a December 2012 social media poll puts St. Juliana International Airport (SXM) has been recognized as the top airport in the world thanks to its stunning landing. Our chief piece of St. Martin airport information: nowhere else in the world can you get so close to the

For anyone interested walking and hiking around St.  Martin, there’s a book your should be aware of: The Incomplete Guide to Wildlife of St. Martin (a new edition is in the works – stay tuned!) Based on the hard work of St. Martin resident Mark Yokoyama, the book does a great job According to his bio, Mark

Our guests often ask us about St. Martin restaurants. Here are a few to try out.   Mr. Busby’s Easily found on the east side of St. Maarten at Dawn Beach, this is a beachside restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch daily to travelers looking for something a little different. The menu offers simple fare,

Our little resort in St. Martin recently received some wonderful coverage from Melanie Reffes’ excellent Romancing the World blog on luvtrip, a popular website devoted to romantic travel destinations. Romance is Grand at the Grand Case Beach Club highlights all the little things that make GCBC a great destination for people looking for a Caribbean wedding or

Casinos on St. Martin

For many people, a trip to St. Martin often includes planning a visit to a casino. There are quite a few casinos on both the French (GCBC) and Dutch sides of the island. Adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport, Maho village is a one-of-a-kind mini-Vegas of the Caribbean, with all the sequins and glitter, lights and music, nightclubs

We’ve talked a little bit about restaurants in St. Martin, notably the classic Lolo roadside eatery that represents the very best about the Caribbean’s refined food culture. We’ve also discussed in passing the fabulous French cuisine that can be sampled at various cafes and bistros on our side of the island (St. Martin), and if

Boating in St. Martin

Since we’re on an island in the middle of the sparkling Caribbean sea, boating plays a strong role in local culture. Neighboring islands are close by; some are inhabited and provide an insight into an entirely different culture, while more remote islands are a tropical playground, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling expeditions. Here are

If you’re looking for activities in Saint Martin following the splendid Christmas and New Years holidays, but are afraid January is a dead zone – never fear! Mardi Gras is here! From January until April the village of Grand Case (our beautiful host community) hosts its own Mardis Gras, a festival that blends food, music

Planning your next St. Martin Vacation

Winter is growing chilly and snowy, and school holidays have begun – it’s time to escape from icy northern weather and enjoy a warm St. Martin vacation. The weather averages a balmy 25 degrees. The ocean is a beautiful turquoise colour. The sand is white – kind of like snow! Have you made your reservation

So, you’ve decided on a St. Martin vacation – but what to do? This small overseas French collectivity offers a great mix of Caribbean and European culture. If you’re looking for the old Caribbean, you can find it here, while enjoying a taste of French life. So, here are the top 5 things to do

About Grand Case, St. Martin

Grand Case, St. Martin is a French overseas territory in the Caribbean that is fast becoming known as a sophisticated resort destination that’s off the beaten track. Located on Saint Martin, one of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, Saint Martin offers a variety of hotel options. Saint Martin, a relatively little-known destination, has

More about Grand Case Beach Club

For an intimate Caribbean resort suited for both couples and families, the Grand Case Beach Club, St. Martin, in the French West Indies may be worth searching out. The resort’s secluded location bills itself as a private, serene oasis where the only noise is sound of the breeze through the coconut palms, and lapping of the waves of 2016 2015
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