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The Megayachts of St. Martin

Super yachts are a fixture here on our island of St. Martin. Our location on the eastern edge of the Caribbean makes St. Martin a favorite place for the yachts to provision and pick up their precious cargo of food and drink… and elite passengers.

St. Martin a hub where passengers congregate before setting off on Caribbean voyage. The larger yachts anchor just off shore, and use helicopters to ferry passengers from the airport to right to the gleaming, luxurious deck.

While this isn’t St. Martin, this Instagram post gives an idea of the kinds of yachts that congregate offshore:

Some super yacht owners own an estate or a little island nearby to call home. For example, Roman Abramovich, owner of a monster megayacht, has a estate on nearby St Barths.

Abramovich’s Eclipse is a true megayacht. Costing at least $1 billion, the Eclipse stretches over 600 feet, accommodating at least 25 guest rooms, two swimming pools, several hot tubs, two launch boats, and two helicopters pads.

Not a bad way to live! #romanabramovich #eclipseyacht #helicopter #copenhagen

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However, SXM here on St. Martin is the nearest airport where he can land his private 767, and the choppers take him and his guests to and from there to the yacht.

Yacht Ride Awaits | Photo By @kyleloubser

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Thanks to the ambitions of yachters like Abramovich, while it used to be that a boat of 200 feet was a monster, now a 300 foot yacht hardly turns a head.

The master bedroom is made with bullet proof windows and includes an anti paparazzi laser light system. A secret compartment opens at the waterline to deploy a motor launch for shore trips.

Even much smaller yachts can rival boutique resorts in terms of services and amenities. Relatively small at “only” 150 feet long and 12 berths, the charter yacht AMEVI features a walk-in lobby, a spa, a pool and even a cinema:

"A M E V I" 262ft (80m) Built By Oceanco | Photo By @carolfeith

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While the Eclipse is so big it requires a helicopter to ferry in its guests, the island of St. Martin is still visited by other equally illustrious megayachts.

Earlier in 2015 the Eclipse, a yacht that belonged to the late Steve Jobs, made the trip down to Phillipsburg. It barely made it into the lagoon.

A drone happened to catch the yacht barely squeezing past the Simpson Bay Bridge, which provides an entrance and exit to one of the Caribbean’s largest sheltered lagoons.

Here’s some video that shows off the elegant lines of the yacht:

If you want to catch a glimpse of the yachts, Christmas week is the time to show “mine is bigger than yours” and the pilgrimage to St Barths is on to pay respect and homage to whomever can claim bragging rights to the biggest vessel this year.

However you don’t need a megayacht to enjoy a wonderful view of St. Martin: