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Submarine tours in St. Martin

Our friends at local St. Martin blog Les Fruit de Mer (profiled recently on the GCBC blog) did a nice write-up recently about Stanley Submarines, a unique adventure tourism outfit.

While Roatan lies off the coast of Honduras, about 2000 kilometers west of St. Martin (quite some distance, and we’re not sure how you would get there from here, although I suppose you could kayak), it’s another island paradise that features, among many other wonders, superb diving (just like our Saba to the south of us).

Anyway, Roatan is home to Stanley Submarines, a DIY undersea tourism business in a homemade submarine. We can see why the Extreme Snorkeling Team at Les Fruits de Mer would be impressed.

Typical dives plunge 2000 feet below the surface of the Caribbean. The quarry? “Jurassic” sharks, six-gill sharks that are very rare and little understood.

It turns out that Grand Case is home to its own St. Martin submarine tours – Atlantis submarine tours. Atlantis Submarines offer the Seaworld Explorer Tour and the Rhino Rider. There is also full complement of land and water activities as well as excursions to nearby islands are easily arranged.

The vessel does not submerge; you descend into the hull of the vessel and sit in air conditioned comfort five feet below the surface, observing underwater gardens, coral reefs and colorful fish through large, clear glass windows. As you marvel at this paradise beneath the waves, our diver swims by your window surrounded by schools of feeding fish.



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