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Due to Hurricane Irma, we are currently in the process of rebuilding our property. We are making great headway every day and we are pleased to report that Grand Case Beach Club partially re-opened in November of 2018. Please know that we are still under construction. THE PHOTOS ON THIS WEBSITE MAY NOT BE ACCURATE.

10 Beach Vacations You Should Try Now

We’re major proponents of experiencing the "authentic" Caribbean, urging travelers to look beyond sun, sand and sea and sample the region’s remarkably diverse culture, food, art and music. But we also love beach vacations. Sun, sand and sea remain still the primary draw for Caribbean travelers, and that’s not a bad thing! Because when you have the world’s most beautiful beaches, there’s no reason to hide them — and there’s no reason you can’t find the authenticity you seek right on the sand. As Mel Brooks said, "when you got it, flaunt it." Here are 10 great beach vacations to try right now across the islands we all love so much. Read beach petite plage st martinPetite Plage, St. Martin It’s hard to choose a favorite beach on the French side of St. Martin, but there’s no better beach vacation on the island than at the Grand Case Beach Club, home to two beaches, one of which is a beautiful, tranquil stretch of sand called Petite Plage that’s among our favorite little beaches in the whole West Indies.